Henry Dunant, author of A Memory of Solferino

Members of Committee of Five for the Great cause of the Red Cross movement:Merchant Henry Dunant, Lawyer and Chairman of the Genevese Welfare Society Gustave Moynier, Battlefield Surgeon Louis Appia, Doctor of Geneva Health and Sanitation Association Théodore Maunoir, Swiss General Guillaume-Henri Dufour.

French postcard in memory of nurses of Red Cross in the First World War.

ICRC letter came from Lodz, Poland in 1940.

Nurse from German Red Cross, 1914.

Eagle Edward's profile kept by ICRC Museum.

Eagle Edward's profile

Senn’s profile


Rescue team of the Red Cross Society of China.1922.3.23.

The Injured being transferred by the Red Cross.

Ruined train station.ICRC.Shanghai.

Revolutionaries killed while crossing the Yangze River in Hankou,1911.

A girl student with the flag of Red Cross in wartime. Guangzhou.